Clinic offerings will be carefully researched and vetted before being made available.
    •    Treatments, products and approaches are results-orientated and evidence-led.
    •    The clinic focusses on skin health, and natural-looking results.
    •    Treatments are bespoke, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.
    •    We are committed to ongoing education, regularly updating our knowledge and skills.
    •    Hygiene is paramount. We always err on the side of caution.
    •    Treatments are led by what you want, rather than the way society says you “should” look.
    •    We value your trust in us and promise to justify it.
    •    Recommendations or referrals to appropriate medical professionals will be given when advisable.
    •    We always put patients before sales and will not sell treatments or products that are not in your best interests.


I am a BABTAC-registered Aesthetician and Facialist with more than 30 years’ international experience in clinical and cosmetic treatments. I began training in my native South Africa, earning qualifications from CIDESCO and CIBTAC, and currently hold certificates from numerous postgraduate courses, including certification as a Paramedical Dermal Technician.
When I began studying nursing it awakened my interest in health and wellbeing. My early experiences as an aesthetician included  pre- and post-care treatments for plastic and reconstructive surgery for severely disfigured patients and extensive work with acne. Thereafter I have continued working with everything from results-focused facials, to treatments such as microneedling and mesotherapy.
Throughout my career I’ve collaborated with dermatologists, nutritionists, aesthetic doctors, and plastic surgeons. I have owned or  managed several prestigious or award-winning clinics.
In order to deepen my knowledge of health and skin, ongoing education is my top priority. You could say it's my obsession.  I attend a minimum of four medical aesthetic conferences annually, plus additional relevant conferences that are specific to the beauty industry. I undertake regular post-graduate training, monitor ongoing research, and meticulously investigate every treatment and product I allow into my clinic.
It's a privilege to help clients achieve healthier skin and feel better about themselves—with all the benefits that brings to their lives. My discerning international and national clientele run the gamut of ages and come from every walk of life—you might see them on the silver screen, or next to you on a treadmill at your local gym. What they all share is a commitment to being—and looking—youthful, rested, radiant and healthy.
My areas of specialty are skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and concerns associated with ageing. All my treatments are evidence- and results-led, not gimmick-driven.


I love the science of skin and medical aesthetics, and focus on the mind-body connection, and its influence on our physical and emotional selves. A smooth, radiant, youthful complexion reflects the care we give our whole selves.

Many complicated circumstances interact to affect how our skin looks—genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle—but it’s safe to say that good health begins on the inside. The skin’s barrier function is important. Dealing with chronic inflammation is a key factor in maintaining skin’s healthy youthful condition. Our natural immune processes are extraordinary, but they can be destructive, and need containment. 

The initial one-to-one assessment is the most critical element of my client work. It enables me to understand their lifestyle stressors, enumerate their goals, and create a bespoke, results-orientated approach to their ongoing care and treatment.  

This work is a collaborative process. My goal is to advise, not dictate. The world of aesthetics can be a confusing jungle; I help clients navigate through the often conflicting claims, and my medical-minded approach includes an honest communication of potential risks and rewards. When the situation warrants it, I will recommend appropriate medical care such as a dermatologist, aesthetic doctor, or nutritionist.

My treatments are never faddy. A lifelong passion for wellness and commitment to natural results means my work is reliable, conservative and safe. Every product and procedure I allow into my clinic has been thoroughly researched and tested for efficacy, safety and purity. Just because a treatment is available doesn’t mean it’s right for every individual, which is why a bespoke approach is essential.

My aesthetic preference is for a natural look. I’ll always support clients in pursuing treatments that leave them looking like their best, most rested, youthful selves, rather than manufactured, generic or plastic. Clients will depart my clinic looking lit from within by the glow that comes from a bespoke treatment plan married to an ongoing skincare programme addressing all their areas of concern.


The Jacqueline Parker clinic is situated within the beautifully appointed Valentino Medispa which in accordance with the broader lifestyle concept behind Valentino The Art of Presence places the emphasis on the all-round well-being of the individual.  


Valentino The Art of Presence, founded over 35 years ago, offers a complete, self-transformation package with an emphasis on health, well-being and authentic self-expression. They provide Medispa and health facilities, styling and grooming services and colour and image consultancy. There is also a fully licensed bar on premises. Valentino resides in picturesque Thackeray street, discreetly nestled off the high street in the heart of Kensington.


The Medispa practitioners include: Aesthetic Dr, Nutritional Counsellor, Life Couch, Aestheticians, Microblading Technician, Acupuncturist and Massage Practitioner. 




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